Insight - The Official Journal Of GOAK

Insight—The official journal Of GOAK

Issue 1

The lens & Cataract—Part I - Dr. S sabitha

Community Ophthalmology - Dr. K Radha Devi

History Of The Organization -  S Rajagopal

Issue 2

The lens & Cataract—Part II - Dr. S sabitha

Refraction In Special Situations -  Dr. Soman Mani

Objective Optometry -  Kishaor Kumar K R

Issue 3

Refraction In Special Situations - Dr.Soman Mani

Spectacle Prescription In Presbiopia - Anju TN, Mahesh Murali, Sreekesh, Mridula

Objective Optometry—General Ophthalmology - A Suresh Kumar

Bits Of Facts—P V Sujatha

Issue 5

Diabetic Retinopathy - Dr. Meena Chakrabarthy

Braille Script - A Boon To The Blind Part II - Anju T N

Objective Optometry—Anatomy -  B Ramachandran

Issue 6

Keratoplasty & Eye Banking - Dr. A Rohan

Practice Corner - A Renganathan

Objective Optometry—Examination Of The Eye - Kishor Kumar K R

Contact Lens—Fitting Guidelines To Beginners - R Binoy


Issue 7

Glaucoma - Dr. Meena Chakrabarthy

Practice Corner - A Renganathan

Ideas For Ideal Interaction - K J Manoj

Ophthalmic Lenses - Anju T N

Role Of Optometrist For Prevention Of Blindness - Pradeep Pachooran

Computer Vision Syndrome - Babu Raj


Issue 8

Calculation Of Accomodation Required - Anju T N

Prescription Of Cylinders In Astigmatism - R Renganath

New Treatment For Keratoplasty - Dr. Shaju Asokan

Pre-operative Evaluation In Refractive Surgeory - R Veena


Issue 9

Myopia & Its Surgical Correction - Dr. F M Feriyal

Nystagmus - R Binoy

Transposition - Anju T N

Eyes The Magic Lantern - K J Manoj


Issue 10

Glaucoma An Overview - Dr. F M Feriyal

Artificial Cornea - Arun R J

Eyes The Magic Lantern - K J Manoj


Issue 11

Age Related Macular Degeneration - R Binoy

Dry Eyes - Arun R J

The Ageing Eye—Photophthalmia - Sujatha P V

Intra Ocular Lenses - Arun R J


Issue 12

Optometric Tool Box - Arun R J

Revolutionary Eye Procedure Helps Improve Vision In Youth

Can Great Wall Of China Be Seen From The Moon - Arun R J

Tooth-in-eye Surgery Make A Blind Man Able To See Again

Issue 13

Evolution of Cataract Surgery

A New Drug For River Blindness

Blindness Global Facts

Eye Banks In Kerala

Issue 14

The Ideal Optometrist—Dr.Ashley Thomas Jacob

Patient’s Head Ache Is Your Head Ache—K J Manoj

Spectacle Intolerance—Dr.S Sasikumar

Vision Asessment And Presription of Low Vision Devices— Deepa

Corneal Topographic System

Issue 4

Braille Script - A Boon To The Blind Part I- Anju T N

Lasers In Ophthalmic Practice - K J Manoj

Objective Optometry—Refractive Errors - Kishor Kumar K R

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Issue 15

How we can see — Renju Sajan

After care of contact lens— Binoy R

Computer vision syndrome— Dr.Bharathy

Spectacle lens manufacturing

Base curve

Issue 16

Refraction Pearls

Visual Disability Categories — Sujatha P V

Accommodation— Remya Thomas

Ophthalmic Assistants—Gradation List

Blood Supply To The Eyes—Renju Sajan

Issue 17

Vision Stimulation In Early Infancy

Diabetic Retinopathy

Duties & Responsibilities of Optometrists

Various Government Orders


Issue 18

Diplopia Charting—Manoj K J

Optotools—Retinoscopy Racks

Story of Spectacles

Various Government Orders


Issue 19

LOGMAR Chart — Dr.Sahasranamam


Biochemistry of Vision—Aswathy U S

Duochrome Test—Anju T N

Automated Refraction—Akhila Rani, Biji R, Binsiya, Roja

Binocular Single Vision—Binoy R


Issue 20

White Cane Day — Sujatha P V


Psycosomatic Disorders Related to Eye and Their Treatments —Kishore Kumar

Men & Women Really Do See Things Differently

Eye Donation Fortnight & World Sight Day Celebrations — Pictures

Government Orders


Issue 21

Subjective Refraction — Dr.S Maya Devi


Blind With Vision — Manoj K J


Government Orders


Issue 22

The Men Behind LASIK


Ocular Manifestations In Syndromes— Sujatha P V

Orthokeratology And Ortho-K Lenses— Kishor Kumar K R

Dua’s Layer

Government Orders


Issue 24

Vision Assessment in Low Vision— Deepa Varghese

Algorith For Proper Prescription of Glass—Dr. Rohan A

Cataract—Jayesh Thompson T P

Netradanam Mahadanam  -  Perur P Rajagopalan

Government Orders

Issue 25

A Scan Biometry  -  Soumya Sailesh

Orthokeratology  -  Prameela A Nair

B Scan  -  Kishor T K

Pterygium— Raji V R

Strabismus & Amblyopia In Children—Jayakumar S

Be A Successful Optometrist—Jyothi L R


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